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Panduan Shalat Lengkap is a Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) version of SalatGuide Pro. For English version, please see also our another app, SALATGUIDE PRO. SalatGuide Pro or Panduan Shalat Lengkap is a complete guideline for salat (shalat prayers) as taught by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the friends of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the tabi'eens, and the pious predecessors. It is a very good guideline for Muslim men, women, and children, in conducting proper shalat prayer everyday, be it the mandatory shalat (fardhu) or the recommended shalat (sunnah). 

Many things related with shalat, such as Wudhu, Tayammum, Azan, Iqamah, Duaa, Dhikr, Shalat Musafir (When Travelling), Shalat for a Sick Person, and many others, are all described in details, similarly with requirements, rukun elements, sunnah recommendations and makruh (things advised to be avoided). This also includes the discussions on the protocols such as sujud kneels, ruku, i'tidal et cetera that are all clearly described along with the invocations and citations in Arabic, latin, and translation, so it is expected to increase one's firm belief and focus in conducting this shalat prayer obligation as the second element of Islam. In addition to that, we also describe many other shalat prayers in Islam such as the mandatory, the recommended (Sunnah), such as Friday salat, Sunnah Rawatib salat, Dhuha salat, Hajat salat, Taubah salat, Tahajjud salat, Tahiyyatul Masjid salat, Istikhara salat, Muthlaq salat, Awwabin salat, Tasbih salat, Janaza salat, Ghaib salat, Tarawih salat, Witir salat, salat on Eid Holidays, Istisqa' salat, salat during eclipses, and many others. 

- Arabic, transliteration and translation. 
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- Auto-bookmarks. 
- References. 
- Offline mode. No internet connection required.

Version: 1.0
Released: May 1st, 2012
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